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This information is provided with the recognition that many people in different countries and language groups are affected by the current COVID- 19 pandemic. This is not an exhaustive list of areas affected, organizations and resources but represent those that emphasize evidence-based models and therapies, including CBT. 

  • There is a source of information on the psychological effects and their Management regarding COVID19  in Turkey organized by the Turkish Psychiatry Association

  • A self-help book written by Mehmet Sungur “Deprem Sonrası Ortaya Çıkan Psikolojik Tepkileri Anlamak ve Kendi Kendine Yardım Etme Yöntemleri”

    • Understanding the Psychological Reactions following Natural Disasters such as Earthquakes: A Self Help Guide 

  • Information on COVID-19 for citizens of France  can be found here

  • There are numerous self-help books on CBT for anxiety and depression which are listed on the website of the French CBT association 

  • “l’atelier du praticien” series, which can be found here

  • “les cahier du praticien” series which can be found here

  • Associazione Italiana di Analisi e Modificazione del Comportamento e Terapia Comportamentale e Cognitiva (AIAMC) - Website Here

  • A list of CBT therapists, many are able to help online

  • This blog contains information about CBT and the most common psychological problems

  • German CBT associations: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Verhaltenstherapie (DGVT) e.V., dgvt.deDeutscher Fachverband für Verhaltenstherapie

  • CBT therapist search of German federal association of medical and psychological practitioners

  • Stiftung Deutsche Depressionshilfe

  • Suicide Prevention

  • Online Network for mental health 

  • Crisis line “Telefonseelsorge”

  • "Krisenkompass“ App for suicide prevention

  • App for meditation and mindfulness-based stress reduction 

  • Online Therapy

  • Self-help manuals for depression, OCD and alcohol use disorders

  • German language self-help books (available as e-books): 

    • Hautzinger, M. (2018). Ratgeber Depression: Informationen für Betroffene und Angehörige. Hogrefe Verlag. 

    • Heinrichs, N. (2007). Ratgeber Panikstörung und Agoraphobie. Hogrefe Verlag. 

    • Hoyer, J., Beesdo-Baum, K., & Becker, E. S. (2016). Ratgeber Generalisierte Angststörung: Informationen für Betroffene und Angehörige. 2., aktualisierte Auflage. Hogrefe Verlag. 

    • Reinecker, H. (2017). Ratgeber Zwangsstörungen: Informationen für Betroffene und Angehörige. 2., aktualisierte Auflage. Hogrefe Verlag. 


Spanish speaking countries

  • Information on Spanish language resources, and where to find CBT therapists in South America and Spanish speaking countries who offer online or telephone CBT









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